Apex Games

Apex Games present a full set of simulations their main goal being to enhance the knowledge of “lean” methodologies and to promote the creativity of participants during the course of training programs.

Apex Customized Games

Apex Customized Games is a powerful option we offer to adapt standard Apex simulations to customer specific needs.Keeping the essentials of the game unaltered,we adjust some of the components including the brand image of the customer.


Apex University provide comprehensive education and training programs supported by a simulation specially designed around customer processes.


SIMPLE. All the elements making part of the game are necessary and relevant to the training.


ROBUST. The results are reproducible regardless of the participants profile.


ENTERTAINING. The trainings take place all the time in a pleasant and relaxed environment.


DYNAMIC. The game travels through all the steps involved in the implementation of improvements.


REVEALING. The results needs not to be explained, they flash directly under the players eyes.


UNIVERSAL. The findings the game brings out can be translated into any kind of process

Benefits of using Apex Games

1. Growing the knowledge

Simulatons and games facilitate the understanding of the subjects explained in the program by shifting from abstract knowledge to real things.

2. Communication, participation and involvement

Design of the game is done in a way that encourage the participants to work either under the base of cooperation or competition as the case may be.This versatile atmosphere promotes constructive discussions across the table.

3. To learn by practice in a controlled environment.

Fear of failure is the main constraint to the implementation of a brand new management style. Controlled environment during the game makes easier the testing of new tools in order to make decisions even if they can carry some negative consequences.

4. Transfering the knowledge to the real world.

Simulation of processes is instrumental to understand the impact produced by the implementation of new methodologies that the trainee could not guess otherwise .The use of simulations heightens thequality level of the training.

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